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Will Covid-19 Impact My Personal Injury Claim?

With so many big changes going on, accident victims may be wondering how this will affect seeking compensation for their losses.

The Coronavirus has impacted our lives in far reaching ways. It seems as though every aspect of our everyday lives has been upended. Amidst all of this uncertainty, there are still those that were injured prior to stay at home orders or during stay at home orders left wondering how the current state of affairs will impact their personal injury claim. These individuals should know, first and foremost, that their right to seek compensation for harm suffered due to the negligence of another remains in place. No one should hesitate to take the steps needed to enforce these rights, even in the midst of a pandemic. Personal injury claims allow accident injury victims to recover critical compensation to cover things such as medical expenses and lost wages. The statute of limitations clock still moves forward even when it feels like life as we know it has come to a standstill. Get in touch with Fazli & Associates today to discuss your injury claim.

Will the Insurance Company Still Process My Claim?

Yes, the insurance company will still process your injury claim. It may take longer for your claim to process than it would have in the past. Insurance companies may have reduced staff numbers. They are likely to have more people working from home at a reduced capacity. Not only will it likely take more time for your claim to process, but it may also take more time to get a reasonable settlement offer from the insurance company. With court closures and courts only hearing emergency cases, insurance companies may not have the same motivation to settle a claim. In many cases, the threat of filing a lawsuit and being sent to court will push an insurance company to settlement in order to avoid litigation. With so many cases being delayed, there may not be this same sense of immediacy for the insurers.

Additionally, there is the possibility that settlement offers may be lower than they have in the past. While insurance companies have always been about their bottom line, the current economic climate will likely be placing an added strain on company finances. Some insurers may be making more lowball offers than usual. With insurers looking only to become stricter on paying out on claims, you need dedicated legal counsel by your side now more than ever.

Should I Still Seek Medical Treatment for My Injuries?

This is a very important question. Simply put, yes, you should absolutely continue to seek medical treatment for your accident injuries. It is understandable to be hesitant and look to avoid medical facilities in the time of Covid-19, but avoiding medical treatment can also have a serious impact on your health and well-being. Without the proper medical attention, you run the risks associated with untreated accident injuries. Do not jeopardize your health in an attempt to avoid medical facilities.

In addition to your health, medical treatment is a critical part of your personal injury claim. Medical records are some of the most important evidence in your claim. Without medical records substantiating your injuries, an insurer is unlikely to take your claim serious. Failure to receive medical treatment will not all jeopardize the value of your claim, but will jeopardize your claim in its entirety. Lack of medical evidence is a prime reason for an insurance company to undervalue your claim or deny it completely. They will not take fear of Covid-19 as an excuse for failure to receive medical treatment.

In times of uncertainty, we remain here to fight for you.

These are unprecedented times. Fear and anxiety seem to hang in the air. Know that Fazli & Associates remains committed to fighting for accident injury victims. We are steadfast in pursuing your legal rights as we stand up to the big insurance companies. Contact ustoday.

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