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Health Insurance Claim Denial

An Experience Insurance Claim Attorney Can Protect Your Rights

Unfortunately, a health insurance company can limit, deny, or terminate a claim for many different reasons, and often, they get away with it. That's because many patients don't understand their rights and don't have someone who can stand up to the insurance providers.

When an insurance carrier denies your health insurance claim for any reason, having the support of an experienced health insurance claim lawyer can make all the difference in ensuring that you get the coverage and benefits owed to you.

At Fazli Law, we successfully manage health insurance claim denials and push for approvals. Our attorneys are specially trained to assess your unique situation and plan the most appropriate action toward obtaining your health insurance benefits when your carrier denies your claim and leaves you holding the bill. We also have the expertise to help medical practices receive the money owed through insurance after a claim is denied.


How CPT Coding Affects Health Insurance Claims

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are like a uniform language for physicians and other medical professionals. These codes correspond to procedures and medical services and are used to streamline medical reports and file health insurance claims.

Although CPT codes are meant to make the process more efficient and accurate for all parties involved, insurance companies often use CPT codes and coding errors as a basis for claims denial. Health insurance companies are profit-driven, so they often seek any opportunity to deny a legitimate insurance claim.

Why Choose Us?

At Fazil Law, we have attorneys on staff who hold Insurance Claims & CPT Coding Certificate, which means that we understand the coding system and how health insurance companies use it to deny legitimate claims.  Attorney Fazli successfully launched a start-up company assisting medical providers fight health insurance claims.  While we are ready to litigate any case on behalf of our clients aggressively, we are also strategists, so not everything we do involves a long, drawn-out legal battle. 

Understanding insurance law and CPT coding is like mastering another language. At Fazil Law, we have you covered.

When it comes to health insurance claim denials, we will evaluate your situation, put our deep knowledge of CPT coding and code modifiers to work and determine what measures can be taken to convince your health insurance carrier to approve your claim. Our problem-solving approach, no matter how complicated your situation may be, will help you successfully pursue your health insurance claim.  

Our experienced team has what it takes to identify why your insurance claim was denied or terminated. We will review your policy, any correspondence with the insurance carriers, and medical records and suggest an action plan to get you paid.

The Fazli Law team can sometimes resolve health insurance claim denials by writing a letter on your behalf. Receiving an appeal letter from an attorney with CPT coding knowledge can sometimes be enough to reverse their decision to deny your health insurance claim. 

Fazli Law Offers Expert Denial of Health Insurance Claims Services

Although every health insurance claim denial is different, depending on the unique specifics of each claim, our goal remains the same. At Fazli Law, we protect the rights of clients who have been unfairly denied their health insurance benefits.

With our team, you can expect personal attention. We don't operate like those corporate law firms that are only interested in taking on cases with big payouts.

Unfortunately, your insurance carrier's decision to deny your health insurance claim can risk your health and financial well-being. Once we've charted a course toward a resolution, our team will do everything possible to resolve your issue.

If you or a loved one has had their health insurance claim denied, Fazli Law can help ensure that your insurance company keeps its promise to you as a policyholder. Our team works tirelessly to have your medical bills paid or reach a settlement, so you can focus on what is most important – your health.

If you are a medical provider wasting countless hours fighting the big insurance companies alone, the Fazli Law team can ease your burden.

With law offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Texas, Fazli Law has health insurance claims and CPT coding experts to help you.

Please note that the information on our website is not a substitute for legal advice. If you have any questions about health insurance claims denial and CPT coding, contact Fazli Law today.

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