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Our Results Speak For Themselves


Trip & Fall

The initial offer was a big, fat zero! Can you believe it? The client took a tumble over a seemingly innocent worn-out, rolled-up doormat at the business entrance. Talk about an unexpected hazard! The insurance company played hardball, denying any responsibility. But guess what? We worked our magic and managed to wrangle a cool half a million bucks out of those tight-fisted insurers. They learned the hard way that even a rolled-up doormat can unroll some serious cash!


Auto accident

Initial offer was ZERO & liability was denied: A vehicle turned into our client’s pathway while riding his bicycle. Two prior law firms gave up on the client based on a witness who testified that our client was riding his bicycle in the wrong direction. Client retained us; we established the witness was not an eyewitness to the accident. We also legally proved and argued that while the client was riding his bicycle in the wrong direction, the “cause” of the collision was not our client, it was the driver.  We settled for $450,000.00.


Auto accident

Initial offer was ZERO & liability was denied.  We filed lawsuit and it was settled a week before trial.


Motorcycle accident


Auto accident

Liability was denied and initial offer was ZERO: Our client was a passenger in a car, which lost control and ran into an oncoming traffic’s pathway, after coming to a full stop (in the oncoming traffic lane) one of the oncoming vehicles crashed into our client’s vehicle.  Our client sustained significant injuries.  The car that lost control causing the accident was cited for being at-fault, but did not have any insurance coverage.  As a result, several lawyers rejected client's case  


After we carefully listened to our client and realized the extent of damage and injuries our client sustained, we were able to think critically as to what could have possibly caused this extent of injuries.  While we understood the cause of the accident was the uninsured driver of the car in which our client was in, we ascertained additional liability.  Our investigation revealed that there was no way the damages could have been this significant provided that the oncoming vehicle was following the speed limit, which was 35 MPH. 


Our theory of liability was clear.  While the uninsured driver may be the "cause" of this collision, the oncoming vehicle, was clearly traveling more than the speed limit of 35 MPH.  This high and reckless speed contributed to the extent of injuries that our client sustained.  Otherwise, his injuries would have been a lot less if the oncoming vehicle was following the speed limit of 35 MPH.  The insurance company, that once denied liability, tendered their full policy limits of $100,000.00.


Auto accident


Auto accident


Premises liability

Initial offer was zero.  Negotiated and settled for $75,000.00


Auto Accident


Auto accident

Initial offer was $11,000.00: Client was rear ended and sustained soft tissue injuries. We negotiated and settled for $46,000.00.


Premises Liability


Auto accident.


Auto accident.


Auto accident.

NOTE: Every case is unique, and the outcome will largely depend on the individual facts and circumstances. Some cases referenced on this site may not be applicable to your specific situation. Any reference on this website to past verdicts or settlements do not guarantee the same or similar results for any future cases. Additionally, the information contained in this website is in no way meant to encourage acting without seeking counsel from an experienced legal professional. We encourage you to contact us and doing so will not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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