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Meet Our Team


Usman Z. Fazli 

Attorney at Law

Bar Admission




United States Federal Court for the

Southern District of Texas

United States Federal Court for the

Massachusetts District Court

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Born and raised in the bustling streets of Queens and Long Island, this New Yorker has conquered the legal world with his extensive knowledge and expertise. Mr. Fazli's passion for the law is evident in his exceptional education background. Not only did he earn a degree from a rigorous law school, but he also holds a bachelor's degree in legal studies with a focus on in-depth analysis of the law. Juggling full-time jobs while completing full-time college and full-time law school simultaneously is a testament to his dedication and hard work, a less common path among most lawyers.

Before embarking on his legal career, Mr. Fazli gained valuable experience in the finance and investment industry on Wall Street. Mr. Fazli earned a Certificate in Insurance Claims and CPT Coding, and utilized this knowledge to create a successful start-up company for health insurance claims.  As a result, he has acquired a strong grasp of medical billing codes, aiding him in personal injury cases to better understand the complexities of medical treatments.

But that's not all - Mr. Fazli's dynamic personality caught the attention of John Morgan, founder of Morgan & Morgan, America's largest injury law firm. Nicknamed "The Go-Getter" by Mr. Morgan himself, Mr. Fazli received comprehensive training in handling personal injury cases and learned how to take on unscrupulous insurance companies that deny rightful compensation to claimants.

Fast forward to today, and Mr. Fazli is renowned for his exceptional closing skills. He has settled cases with jaw-dropping six-figure settlements that other attorneys had given up on. With more than 22 years of experience working across law firms in Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, Mr. Fazli remains committed to helping victims and small businesses, always keeping big corporations in check.

As a true self-made success story, Mr. Fazli knows the value of hard work and determination. He understands the struggles of juggling a full-time job while attending school, supporting his parents and family, and overcoming the hurdles of everyday life. This unique perspective helps him empathize with his clients and fight even harder for their rights. Helping clients maintain their dignity and the firm's integrity is what fuels his passion for the law.

And when he's not busy crushing it in the courtroom, Mr. Fazli enjoys nothing more than lively debates with his physician-scientist wife and sharing his love of the law with his children. He's a force to be reckoned with, and anyone who has the privilege of working with him knows they're in excellent hands.

He is licensed to practice law in Texas, Connecticut and Massachusetts and is also admitted to the United States Federal Court for the Southern District of Texas and the United States Federal Court for the Massachusetts.  Mr. Fazli has also built a robust network of attorneys across all states.

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