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What Happens When Two Law Firms Give Up on You But Then a Badass Lawyer Takes Over?

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

True story: A victim was riding his bicycle when he was run over by a commercial truck. Fortunately, he was able to make it out alive from the accident but sustained multiple severe injuries.

The Aftermath – Victim Hires a Big Law Firm to Represent Him

Insurance Company Denies Liability

Given the nature of his emotional and physical pain and suffering, the victim decided to take his case to a big law firm with powerful branding. Twelve months go by and he finds out that the insurance company has categorically denied compensating him offering literally $0.

Victim’s Case Gets Dismantled Due to Wrong Cause

How and why did this happen? Well, because the defense counsel cited that the victim was riding the bicycle in the wrong direction. He also substantiated this argument with an eye witness who testified that she saw the victim riding in the wrong direction just before the collision.

The Law Firm Tells the Victim to Find Someone Else

Instead of finding an alternative, the law firm refuses to represent the victim telling him that they cannot win this case and he should find another lawyer. Time, effort, and financial resources weren't the only thing the victim lost, he also lost a year as his statute of limitations got reduced by 1 year. He now had only 2 years left.

This Time Victim Goes for a Young Passionate Lawyer

A Young Lawyer Revives Victim’s Hope

After spending five to six months in search of a good yet affordable lawyer, the victim decides that instead of a big firm, this time he will give a young law graduate a chance. In the heat of his newfound passion, the lawyer makes big promises and the victim becomes hopeful once again.

Different Lawyer – Same Outcome

The story doesn't end well as the same lawyer tells the victim that this particular case is too complicated and he's not experienced enough to represent him in the best possible manner. He also ends the agreement with a recommendation to find another law firm. Another year of efforts, time, and money wasted along with the frustration and reduction of one more year from the statute of limitations.

Now the victim has only a few months left before his case is disbarred forever.

Third Time's the Charm - Fazli & Associates for Badass Legal Representation

Victim Contacts Fazli & Associates

On this occasion, instead of relying on a huge name or a passionate graduate, the victim reaches out to Fazli & Associates - the law firm you can trust. Attorney Fazli gives the victim his undivided attention and with careful and sincere listening, he realizes the whole case has been based on conjecture.

Attorney Fazli Reminds the Insurance Guys ‘It’s Not Over’

Attorney Fazli contacts the insurance company and gives them a stern reminder that the "cause" of the collision wasn't due to the victim riding in the wrong direction. It was completely the fault of the commercial truck driver who wasn't paying attention.

Attorney Fazli Argues Fiercely

- Cause of Collision - The first and most effective argument made by Attorney Fazli was that while the victim should be handed a citation for riding in the wrong direction, that wasn't the "cause" of the collision and being run over by a truck isn't justified at all.

- Eye Witness or a Bystander? - The second argument involved dismantling the testimony of the eyewitness proving that she wasn't actually an "eye witness" to the collision, just someone who happened to be at the spot.

- It’s all about the Cause - Attorney Fazli continued to hammer on the "cause" of the collision and successfully tore down the insurance company's case of denied liability.

Shell-Shocked Insurance Company Goes into Damage Control Mode

As Attorney Fazli stood his ground and continued to be steadfast with his legal arguments, the insurance company had no choice but to gather around the settlement table. They finally failed to defend their denied liability claim, its team of high and mighty corporate attorneys' intimidation tactics didn't work.

Victim Receives a Cool $450,000.00 Settlement

With only five months left for the statute of limitations to expire, Attorney Fazli was able to bring the insurance company down to its knees and extract a settlement of $450,000.00 The victim was finally vindicated.

Two years of mental suffering and frustration was finally over.

What Did the Victim Learn?

Not all lawyers are the same.

- With big-name firms, it is all about billable hours. You become a headcount and not a human who needs sincere and empathetic representation.

- With young lawyers, the victim gets victimized even further with inexperience and over-promises.

- With Fazli & Associates, the victim gets the most sincere representation and becomes a satisfied client.

If you or your loved one is a victim of a car accident who sustained a serious injury, feel free to call Fazli & Associates and consult with a real attorney – not an intake staff.

NOTE: Every case is unique, and the outcome will largely depend on the individual facts and circumstances. Some cases referenced on this site may not be applicable to your specific situation. Any reference on this website to past verdicts or settlements do not guarantee the same or similar results for any future cases. Additionally, the information contained in this website is in no way meant to encourage acting without seeking counsel from an experienced legal professional. We encourage you to contact us and doing so will not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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