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Poor Follow-Up Or Aftercare

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Poor Follow-Up or Aftercare



Poor Follow-Up Care Medical Malpractice Claims


A doctor’s duty to provide a patient with reliable medical care does not end when a surgical procedure is complete. Post-Operative follow-up care is critical to a patient’s wellbeing after surgery or another type of medical procedure. Doctors and other medical professionals may fail to provide a patient with adequate follow-up or aftercare. When this happens, the patient’s health can suffer serious consequences. He or she may be able to seek compensation for the harm endured due to being the victim negligent aftercare or follow-up care by bringing a medical malpractice claim. Fazli & Associates advocates on behalf of our clients who have suffered due to medical negligence. We are here to protect your best interests and fight to enforce your legal rights.


The Standard of Care You Are Entitled to for Aftercare


Appropriate follow-up care after surgery or a procedure is a crucial component for it to be a success and to foster a healthy recovery for the patient. Health care providers owe a patient a duty of care even after a procedure is complete. When a health care provider fails to uphold this duty and the patient suffers as a result, it may be considered medical negligence. With regards to aftercare of follow-up medical care, a doctor or other medical professional must provide the level of care that a similarly situated health care professional would have provided in the same geographic region under similar circumstances.


Aftercare that rises to the level a patient is entitled to involves medical providers taking adequate measure to ensure there were no complications associated with the medical procedure. This means a patient needs to be monitored for things like infection, blood clots, or other complications. There are still many uncertainties that follow surgery or another type of medical procedure. Treating medical care providers need to check patients for any symptoms they may be exhibiting and whether or not they are properly healing. When these things go unchecked, critical and some times life threatening oversights are made. Poor aftercare may result in serious injury to the patient and even put the life of the patient at risk.


Necessary aftercare may last for an extended period of time following a procedure. For instance, when anesthesia is administered, a patient must be monitored for a certain amount of time afterwards. Delayed reactions from anesthesia are common. This means that even if there is no immediate reaction to anesthesia, it can still be dangerous as it slowly hurts the patient. The amount and type of aftercare a patient should receive will all depend on the facts and circumstances of a particular case. The dedicated medical malpractice attorneys at Fazli & Associates look at the specifics of every case. We analyze and evaluate the details to mount the strongest possible case for our clients and get them the results they deserve.



Standing Up for Those Who Suffer Due to Negligent Aftercare


Going through surgery or another type of medical procedure is overwhelming. You end up putting your life on hold to go through this medical treatment in the hopes that your health will improve. After the surgery, you look to take on what can be the long road to recovery. You trust your doctor and other health care professionals to help you on that journey. When they fail to provide the help you both need and deserve, your health can suffer as a consequence. If this has happened, Fazli & Associates is prepared to stand up and fight on your behalf. You have already been through so much. We help our clients to get the full and fair compensation they are legally entitled to. We do this so that they can focus on their health and healing after all they have been through. Contact us today.

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