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Those who apply for a green card are really applying to become permanent residents in the United States. Those awarded U.S. permanent resident status are given proof of such by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the form of a permanent resident card, referred to as a “green card.” It is appropriately named as the card is, in fact, green. Applying for a green card will grant you many benefits. The process for obtaining a green card, however, is complex and can seem impossible to those not familiar with U.S. immigration law. That is why the dedicated immigration counsel at Fazli & Associates is committed to providing those seeking permanent U.S. resident status with support during this important process.



How Do I Apply for a Green Card?


The first thing that needs to be done before you apply for a green card is determining whether you are eligible. In order to apply for a green card, you must meet the eligibility requirements associated with a particular category of green card. You may be seeking a green card through family, employment, refugee or asylee status, or something else. Each category carries its own unique eligibility requirements. Once your eligibility is determined, Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Resident Status with USCIS. You will also be required to provide supporting documentation and application fees. USCIS reviews your application and then you will have an interview scheduled. 


If you are approved for a green card, you will be able to live and work in the U.S. Additionally, having a green card allows you to apply for U.S. citizenship after a certain wait period. Determining green card eligibility and complying with all application requirements can be an overwhelming task. Green cards are so highly sought after that the pressure of getting it right can create much anxiety. Fazli & Associates will provide you with the support necessary to easily navigate the green card application process. You will have many questions along the way and we are here to provide you with answers.



What is the Difference Between a U.S. Green Card and U.S. Citizenship?


Having a U.S. green card comes with many benefits. You have the right to live in the U.S. and work in the U.S. on a permanent basis. You are also able to leave the country and return without issue, depending on the amount of time you spend out of the country. You also have the ability to petition for close family members to get green cards as well. While green card holders enjoy many important benefits that overlap with those of a U.S. citizen, there are key differences between these two statuses. 


One key difference between a U.S. green card holder and a U.S. citizen is that a green card holder must keep USCIS informed regarding changes in address, being convicted of crimes, or anything else that might prove to be a deportable offense. Failure to update USCIS may result in losing permanent resident status. Additionally, while green card holders may freely travel to and from the U.S., they are not able to stay outside the U.S. for an unlimited amount of time. They cannot leave the U.S., establish a home elsewhere, and return to the U.S. as a permanent resident. Leaving the country for an extended period or establishing a home somewhere else will usually result in abandonment of their permanent resident status and they may be barred from reentering the U.S. Green card holders are also unable to vote in U.S. elections and are not always able to access the same federal benefit programs that are available to U.S. citizens.


While green card holders do have some restrictions that are not applicable to U.S. citizens, obtaining a green card grants extensive and important benefits. Additionally, a green card will allow you a pathway to U.S. citizenship.  Let Fazli & Associates help you on your path to U.S. permanent resident status. Should you want to go on to seek U.S. citizenship, we are here to help you get there as well.



Immigration Legal Support for Green Card Applicants.


The U.S. immigration system is a complex web of very specific requirements and extensive procedures that must be observed. Get the benefits of having dedication immigration legal counsel by your side. The legal team at Fazli & Associates is committed to helping our clients obtain U.S. green cards. We are here for you. Contact us today.

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