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Wrong Site Surgery Malpractice Claims

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Wrong Site Surgery Malpractice Claims



Wrong Site Surgery Medical Malpractice Claims


There are many things that you do not want to hear after coming out of surgery. You do not want to hear that the surgery did not work. Even worse than this can be hearing that the surgery was performed on the wrong area of the body. The shock, the anger, and the anxiety of finding out that you underwent a surgical procedure that was unnecessary and unrelated to the surgery procedure that should have occurred in order to resolve a likely serious health problem can be intense. Surgery is usually ordered by a doctor when other less invasive treatment options have failed to resolve what is often a serious health condition. It is not undergone lightly as surgery can be a lot to put yourself and your body through. Unfortunately, wrong site surgeries do occur. When this type of blatant medical negligence occurs, the dedicated medical malpractice team at Fazli & Associates steps in to fight for justice. We zealously advocate on behalf of our clients to hold those responsible parties accountable and see to it that our clients are fully and fairly compensated for what they have gone through.


The Impact Wrong Site Surgery Has on a Patient


When a patient is the victim of a wrong site surgery, there can be many serious and wide ranging health consequences. This is in addition to the major inconvenience of not only having to recover from an unnecessary surgery, but also needing to undergo another surgery in order for the correct site to be operated upon. The emotional trauma associated with having to undergo surgery, finding out it was the wrong surgery, and still needing to undergo another surgical procedure is often severe.


In addition to the emotional impact wrong site surgery can have, there are also the medical consequences to consider. Your body has undergone a major procedure. It will take time to heal. There could be complications associated with the surgery. After all of this, you will still need to undergo the correct surgery. Your body will, once again, need to heal and feel the effects of undergoing a serious medical procedure. There is also the delay in much needed medical care that needs to be taken into account. It is likely that you went into surgery because of a health concern that other, less invasive treatment options failed to address. The delay in undergoing the correct surgery could end up making your health condition worse. In fact, failure to have the correct surgery performed in a timely manner can be life threatening.


Wrong site surgery also has a significant financial impact on the patient. The medical bills associated with all of this medical care can quickly pile up. As the expenses associated with your medical treatment increase, you may feel helpless because of having to miss work for the procedures and the recovery time. The inability to continue making income while you see your expenses and financial burdens increase can be overwhelming. It can place a strain on you and your family that comes at a time when you are all already dealing with so much. That is why the trusted medical malpractice attorneys at Fazli & Associates tirelessly pursue monetary recovery for our clients. Our clients have already been through so much. We take on the legal burden or pursuing just compensation for their injuries and other losses so that they can work on taking care of their health.


Zealously Advocating on Behalf of Medical Malpractice Victims


Wrong site surgeries are sometimes referred to as “never events” because they should never occur. They are completely preventable and it is clear that a wrong site surgery is due to the negligent provision of medical care. With Fazli & Associates, you can trust us to take on your case and tirelessly pursue your legal rights to monetary compensation for all you have suffered due to medical negligence. We are here for you, first and foremost. Contact us today.

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