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Improper Medication Or Dosage

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Improper Medication or Dosage



Improper Medication Medical Malpractice Claims


Medication is often a part of receiving medical care. Whether it be anesthesia, pain management medication, antibiotics or something else, health care providers have a duty to the patient to exercise care in the prescribing and administering of medication. When a doctor fails to uphold this duty of care and is negligent with regards to the medication a patient receives, the patient can have severe adverse reactions that may even prove fatal. Should a patient suffer due to medical negligence, the law provides a mechanism for him or her to recover full and fair compensation for damages sustained. This is done through a medical malpractice claims. Improper medication or dosage claims are one of the most common types of medical malpractice claims. The dedicated medical malpractice attorneys at Fazli &Associates are well versed in improper medication or dosage medical malpractice claims. We stand up to medical providers and big insurance companies to fight for our clients.


What is an Improper Medication Error?


When prescribing medication to a patient, a doctor must account for several critical factors, such as the patient’s:


  • Age

  • Weight

  • Height

  • Allergies

  • Body chemistry

  • Other medical conditions


Without considering these factors, the doctor may prescribe the patient the incorrect medication or the incorrect dosage of a medication. The patient may receive a prescription for medication that he or she is allergic to. Alternatively, the patient may be prescribed medication that has adverse impacts on other medical conditions he or she suffers from. In cases where a patient is prescribed or administered the wrong dosage of a medication, a small difference in dosage can have a severe impact.


Medical providers also have duty to warn patients about the common side effects associated with a medication. The patient also needs to be advise about what foods to avoid when taking certain medications. This information is a critical element of patient care. Failing to inform a patient about these things may constitute medical malpractice. Fazli & Associates recognizes that the improper medication medical malpractice claims come in many forms. Whether a doctor prescribed you the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of medication, the complications associated with these errors can be devastating. You may suffer far reaching medical consequences as well as incur substantial medical bills related to treatment for the harm caused by the error. We are here to relieve you of the legal burden of fighting for the compensation you deserve while you focus on your health. We provide legal care for our clients so they can take care of themselves.


What are the Common Causes of Improper Medication Medical Malpractice Claims?


There are many forms of medical negligence that can lead to a patient receiving improper medication. Medical negligence occurs when a medical professional fails to act in a way that a similarly situated medical professional of a comparable education level and in a similar geographic area would have acted under the circumstances. Medical mistakes that may lead to improper medication include:


  • Failure to initiate documentation of the patient’s history

  • Failure to record the patient’s allergies

  • Inability to distinguish the handwriting of the medical expert

  • Breakdowns in communication among medical staff

  • Medical staff not being informed with current or updated patient information


Anyone in the chain of medication prescribing or administering may be held liable for a medication error. This means that doctors, nurses, pharmacies, hospitals, and others may be held responsible for paying an injured patient for the harm they suffered due to the medication error. Fazli & Associates is committed to holding all responsible parties accountable for the role they played in a medication error malpractice claim.



Standing Up for Victims of Improper Medication or Dosage


You placed trust in your treating health care providers to care for you in the best possible way. Unfortunately, it is much too common for patients to find out the hard way that their trust was misplaced. If you have been the victim of an improper medication or dosage prescribed or administered to you by a medical professional, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages through bringing a medical malpractice claim. The dedicated team of medical malpractice attorneys at Fazli & Associates will fight for you every step of the way. Contact us today.

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